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DIY Lawn Renovation Guide

Basics of Lawn Care
Doctors tell us that good eating habits and regular exercise is practicing preventive medicine because these habits keep us healthy. The same is true for your lawn because by keeping it healthy you eliminate conditions that are favourable for weeds to grow and for disease to develop. Keep your lawn thick and healthy so there is no space for weeds.

Take a walk around your lawn and notice its overall appearance. Are some areas doing better than other? For example you might find patches of think turf in the front yard that runs into less healthy or weed-filled areas along the side of the house. Perhaps there is one area where grass never grows no matter how much fertiliser you apply. Or you might find moss where grass never seems to grow on the south side of the house in a damp area shade by a large tree. Part of your lawn that is choked with weeds might be downwind of a vacant block that is filled with weeds etc. The point of all this is there is a reason for the success and failure of your lawn in these areas. Much of its success depends on type of soil (where the lawn is), how much sun it gets, and the amount of water and nutrients it receives.