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Billy Goat Aerator & Corer

Have you noticed a section in your lawn that’s looking less the glamorous due to high foot traffic from the kids or pets? That’s a good sign that your soil is compacted. With time and use, compacted soil is inevitable and can seriously damage the health of your lawn as air and water struggle to penetrate the ground. As your lawn weakens, weeds start to thrive, particularly Bindii which loves compacted soils. Compaction can also cause drainage issues as the water stops being absorbed into the soil, causing erosion or even flooding.

You can test the compaction level of your soil by seeing how easily a screwdriver will push into your lawn. If it won’t push down, you have a compacted area!

How to fix compaction:

Aerating can be done using a pitch fork in troubled areas of your lawn by pushing it into the soil and wiggling back and forth a little bit at regular intervals (50-100mm apart).

Alternatively, a coring machine such as our Billy Goat Aerator & Corer takes plugs out from the soil, which allows instant access for air and water into the soil. The plugs can be left on the ground and mowed over or raked up and removed. Once you have aerated you can top dress with a thin layer of fine washed sand. Use a shovel to spread the sand over the lawn and then level it out with a leveling bar, garden rake or broom.

If you are planning on having a go at aerating your lawn, make sure you give it a thorough soak the night before to make the job a little easier.

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