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Do you have a minimum order?

There is no minimum order quantity as  any quantity is available.

What is the size of your turf slabs?

Our turf comes in slabs and are 1200 x 600mm.

Do you provide a laying service?

Yes. Ring our friendly staff and we can advise you on the cost of this which is not included in the cost of your turf and is worked out according to the area you require to be laid. Please note we only lay on prepared surfaces.

Do I have to be home when the delivery is made?

Not necessarily. Payment can be made prior to delivery and instructions on where to place turf can be given to our sales team on ordering. It’s important that clear instructions on exactly where turf is to be places are given, particularly for larger orders. Turf can become quite heavy; 50 m² (75 rolls) weighs about one tonne. Our forklift will place turf exactly where you want it. If you are not there and your instructions are not clear, it could be a lot of work moving it

What turf can I grow in shade areas?

For areas of shade that receive less than six hours of sunlight per day, it is best to use Sir Walter turf. Although there is yet to be a lawn that will grow in shade completely, Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo turf adapts to shady areas better than any other turf. In newly planted gardens you may initially have plenty of sun, but as your garden develops more shade is expected.

Is Sir Walter seed available?

Sir Walter DNA Certified seed is unfortunately not available. Whilst Sir Walter can produce seed heads when stressed, the seed is not viable.  Most of your drought tolerant varieties cannot be grown from seed.  The Sir Walter seed produced is male, sterile and not economically viable to be grown from. 

Do I remove existing lawn before new install?

Yes you will need to remove existing lawn. We recommend spraying with a total weed killer like Roundup, waiting seven days before rotary hoeing, and then spreading topsoil. Heavily vegetated surfaces may require two applications, seven days apart prior to rotary hoeing. Some surfaces may not require rotary hoeing prior to soil application.

How can I pay for the turf?

We accept most major credit cards, direct deposit, cash and Eftpos facilities are also available at our shop on the Farm when picking up your turf. We do not charge any credit card fees. 

Do I need to use topsoil underneath my turf?

We recommend a soil to a depth of 150 mm minimum. You might also choose to improve your existing soil or purchase some topsoil or turf underlay.

How long can I leave the turf on the pallet before I lay it?

We deliver your turf freshly cut from our farm. We prefer to see the turf laid within 12 hours of delivery, especially in warm weather.

Can I install turf during winter?

Yes you can install turf during winter. Although it will take longer to establish, the ground does not get as cold in South East Queensland as it does in other parts of Australia. Also, turf does not require as much water during winter which can be an added benefit for laying turf in the cooler season. 

Pet Friendly Turf?

Some lawn varieties might look great but can they handle the action from some family pets? Wear and tear, digging, urine burn and faeces are common problems, and sensitive lawns just can’t handle it, especially with large dogs .So choosing a pet friendly and tolerant variety will make life easy for all concerned. Just like humans, some pets may to sensitive to allergies so choosing a low-allergenic variety is the go.

Dogs can be rough on lawns. They dig holes, cause urine burns, and tear around wildly on the lawn. Sir Walter DNA Certified premium lawn turf is the perfect answer for pet owners who need a turf that can stand up to whatever the family dog — or dogs — can dish out.

Sir Walter turf is self-repairing, so the holes in the lawn that your pup digs (whether he does it because he is burying bones, bored, or simply trying to make you scream) will quickly be covered by luscious grass again.