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Free Quotes

Want to know all the prices and what to consider when choosing a type of lawn? Just call us with the number of square metres you think you are doing and we will do all the thinking for you. Or we can arrange for one of our consultants to come out to your place for a free measure and quote to take all the guesswork out of it. He will be able to help choose the best lawn for you, with your location, consider all the aspects of soil, home, watering requirements and to suit your lifestyle needs.

We can test your soil, measure up your area, provide advice on preparation and offer the best type of lawn for your individual circumstances. We can even give you a full written
quote then and there.
Call now for your free, no-obligation quote.

Delivery & Pick Up

You can come and pick it up yourself fresh from the farm or we can deliver it to your door.

We have our own forklift (posi-track) so when we deliver it to your door in pallets, we can place the turf around the house (if able) for your convenience. This service can be arranged Monday through to Friday.

Turf Laying

This includes fertilising, laying of turf and then rolling on completion. Turf can be installed quickly for you convenience. We can organise to have turf laid by a team of layers whether it is a residential block, commercial or sports oval.

The way turf is installed can have an effect on the presentation and look of the site. Your installation team will ensure that the turf is installed correctly and the job is completed to your satisfaction. Site preparation is very important, so the team will advise.

Bay Turf suggests (see Bay Turf Shop) that you use a product called Sir Launcher, just a 3 kg bucket covers a 100m2 underneath your newly laid turf, it will save you time and money. It contains nutrients and starter fertilizer that are vital to early root establishment and healthy plant growth plus water storage crystals that hold water near the roots during establishment. Turf is laid in a brick like style so the strips are staggered. The newly laid turf is then lightly rolled on conclusion to eliminate air pockets and maximise root/soil contact. This does not level the area at all therefore if you have good site preparation you will have a good finish.

More Info for DIY…PDF

Bay Turf Price Guarantee

Bay Turf is dedicated to supplying the best quality product and service, but at the best price possible. By buying direct from our farm, you save time and money.

If you find a cheaper, written price for an equivalent turf product elsewhere, we will match it and……… beat it by 10 cents per metre.


Bay Turf understands the demands placed on sporting surfaces and offers professional service and advice for all sporting surface requirements. We have a wide range of turf varieties and can establish the correct turf for your sporting surface.

We recommend stolonising to establish turf in larger areas such as sporting ovals, golf courses etc. as the most cost effective and productive method. Stolonising is done by a special planting machine which chops mature turf into stolons and plants plugs into the ground.